Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Taking Names

North Carolina law requires that we give our homeschool a name, and I'm looking for suggestions. Here's the state's advice on picking a name:
1. Something that sounds "academic" in case we decide to homeschool through high school and the name ends up on college applications
2. Don't use your name or your kids' names
3. Don't use these words: Charter, college, elementary, family, grade, grammar, high, home, incorporated (or inc.), junior, kindergarten, lower, middle, primary, public, residence, schooling, secondary, seminary, senior, the, university or upper
4. Don't use your street name, in case you move
5. Can't exceed 30 characters (including spaces)

If we can't come up with a name, the state will assign us the very catchy title "Horner School." We can do better! Let's hear your suggestions. Mom, just click the "comments" button rather than e-mailing me separately.


onemamatoanother said...

Bee Wise River Academy

onemamatoanother said...

Okay, Chuck is brainstorming and he wants me to share this with you, too...

-Full Armour Academy of NC (Note: that would make us ...of TN)
-30 Paces
-Academics Dot Com
-Good Brains
...to be continued when he is not so tired and hasn't spent four and a half hours in the freezer...

Maggie said...

honer hollow

Griblogsky said...

I thought you had already decided on "Horner Academy" That sounds fine to me. Very upscale!!

Griblogsky said...

OK -- if Horner Academy is too dull, how about The S E Horner Academy!
That sounds even classier!!