Sunday, August 17, 2008

How much easier can it get?

Pancake mix in a box wasn't easy enough, so they invented pancake mix in a plastic bottle. Just add water, shake, and pour. Now, that's not easy enough, so they came out with this:

Pancake mix in a squirt bottle! Wow! I saw this in the grocery store and I just had to pay the $5.49 so I could bring it home and show it to Scott and to you. Pancakes from scratch aren't that hard, really, so my theory about pancakes is, if I'm not going to make them from scratch, I'm going to do the least amount of work possible. That's why I buy Aunt Jemima Complete rather than Bisquick; Bisquick you have to add stuff to. If I have to add stuff, and clean a bowl afterwards, I might as well make it from scratch.

But I haven't mentioned the best part about the pancakes in the CheezWhiz dispenser. They're ORGANIC! So it's even better than making food from scratch. In some perfect future world, all meals will come in a spray can, and no one will ever have to cook again.


kgribosky said...

Did you make the spray pancakes? Were they good? That's what I want to know!!!!! Spray pancakes would be great for a studio apt dweller who doesn't cook/make things.

Dina said...

That is hysterical!