Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Summer Garden

My friend Charlotte asked How does your garden grow? in her blog. Here's what's growing in my garden.

The beets managed to beat the heat. And there are some teeny tiny carrots.

Parsley and sage, above. But no rosemary or thyme, so you can stop singing, Mom. The oregano, below, looks a bit scraggly, but still tastes good. On those 100 degree days, you can smell it baking in the sun as soon as you step out of the garage.

The basil looks healthy. I think these seeds came from a box of Triscuits.

One sad gladiolus, above. A few others bloomed earlier in the summer. One canna, below.

Lots and lots of this flower. I finally found out its name: Cleome or spider flower. We've been calling it fireworks flower. And this gigantic weed below. Princess tree (Paulownia tomentosa).

And lots of poison ivy. Not actually in the garden, but there's plenty of it all around the yard.

That's it for plants. I think I'll save the critters for another post.

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