Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Garden critters

I saw this butterfly puddling on a mound of dog poop. Rich in nutrients, I suppose. This is some kind of swallowtail, possibly pipevine swallowtail, or a black form female Eastern tiger swallowtail, or spicebush swallowtail. The tails aren't very prominent. It hung around for a really long time, until Lucy came over to see what I was looking at.

More butterflies, maybe Pearl crescent, although it looks more like Phaon crescent to my untrained eye. Here's my source for North Carolina butterflies.

Lucy's determined to catch a frog. She's caught squirrels, voles, lizards, bugs, bunnies, and chased a big ole deer out of the yard.

A rare sighting of the elusive red-shirted ice cream eater!

We tried out the Crayola 3D sidewalk chalk. It's fun to see the pictures float off the driveway. Red flowers, like our lonely canna, float off their stems, as well.

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