Monday, July 12, 2010

Finally fingerpainting

Now that we have our basement set up, we can finally fingerpaint! Audrey has not had as much chance to fingerpaint as Mary did when she was little. We were in California for a year during Scott's fellowship, living in someone else's apartment with someone else's walls and furniture, then when we came back to Florida it wasn't long before we started fixing up the house to sell to move here. Fingerpainting in a house you're trying to keep show-ready in a slow real estate market is not recommended! Since we moved here, we've been remodeling, and a lot of our stuff has stayed packed away. Audrey has done some messy painting and some cornstarch goop outside, but not like what Mary and I used to do on our back porch in Florida, on Papa's old potting table. But I finally bought Audrey some fingerpaint, and a new pack of fingerpaint paper (I'm sure we have some around here somewhere, packed away). It took her a while to get into it. At first, she washed her hands each time she changed colors, and then she used a craft stick to spread the paint around. But finally she got into it:

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