Saturday, July 19, 2008


I had to go to the Swarm office to pick up some paperwork for Scott, so I figured the girls and I might as well check out the children's museum across the street, which recently reopened. We brought Stephen, too, because it's more fun for Mary that way. The Kidzu museum is mostly geared toward pre-schoolers right now, but they're hoping to expand and add more big-kid exhibits. Mary and Stephen had the most fun in the kitchen area, making pretend recipes and serving them. Audrey liked the kitchen best, too. The museum had some dress-up items available, so you can do everything wearing a fairy skirt or construction vest, or whatever suits your fancy. On the way out, Mary and Stephen were raving about what a great time they had and asking if we could come back after lunch. The lady at the front desk heard them and asked if we would mind filling out a survey. For "suggestions for improvement" Mary thought the museum should be bigger and have more exhibits for all ages. The lady said, "That's exactly what we're hoping to do."

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Mary's World said...

i really liked the kitchen and the construction area (witch had blocks that looked like wood but were really foam!)