Saturday, July 5, 2008


Today Audrey and I went to the Wild Bird Center to get a bird guide. Some of the birds here are familiar, like cardinals, mockingbirds, and mourning doves. Others, like robins, are birds we haven't lived with but know from the book Mom gave Mary for Christmas a few years ago. In fact, there's a robin that sits in a tree in our front yard singing, "Cheer up, cheerily cheerily, cheer up!" over and over and over. Some birds are completely new to us. As soon as I opened up the guide, I recognized the brown and white bird that was singing on our front porch railing the other day, and found out that it's a brown thrasher. But now, as I'm looking through the Cornell All About Birds website I'm thinking maybe it wasn't a brown thrasher. The brown thrasher is a bigger bird than the one I saw, and its song is different. None of the other brown striped birds on the ID card sound like the one I heard. Next time it shows up in my yard, I'll have to see if I can tell what it is.

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