Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Redbud (Cercis canadensis)

I can see the redbud trees in my yard from the window next to my bathroom mirror. The trees up the hill bloomed several weeks before ours, and I watched and waited for spring to come down the hill. At first, I had to look really hard to see the first touch of pink. When they finally bloomed, they were a treat to look at each morning when I woke up. Now, they have put out their leaves and there are only a few blooms left on the trunk.

1. Poison ivy
2. Virginia creeper
3. Wild blackberry
4. Lamb's Ear
5. Great laurel
6. Fireworks Goldenrod
7. Orange Jewelweed
8. Blue Anise Sage
9. Sage
10. Greek oregano
11. Rosemary
12. Azalea
13. Stilt grass
14. Crocus
15. Daffodil
16. Hyacinth
17. Camellia
18. Little Sweet Betsy
19. Tulip
20. Andromeda
21. Redbud

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