Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter pics

Easter morning was pretty chilly, but by the time we got home from church, it was warm enough in the sun to snap a few pictures without coats on. Don't the azaleas look beautiful? By mid-afternoon, it was really gorgeous. My stuffed cabbage turned out well. I added some liquid about half an hour before it was done, even though it still had liquid in it. The last couple years, when I made it the day before, it was dry for Easter, even though there had been enough liquid at the end of the cooking. This time, it was still moist and there was enough juice to soak up with bread when we ate it.

Danny brought his lacrosse gear over. He kept finding Easter eggs before the little kids got them, and then he'd re-hide them up in the gutters where only he could reach them, the stinker. There were plenty of eggs, though, so nobody got shortchanged. Of course, the kids ended up in the creek in their pretty dresses. It hasn't rained in a while, so they didn't get too wet and muddy. Mostly chocolatey.

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