Sunday, October 5, 2008

My herb garden

The gardening calendar in the newspaper said fall is a good time to plant perennials, so I've planted a few perennial herbs. Scott and I made a pumpkin soup last week and used some of the oregano and rosemary, along with Mary's lemony thyme, and it smelled and tasted wonderful.

Sage (salvia officinalis)
Audrey and I just planted this one today.

Greek oregano (origanum vulgare hirtum)
This is the most flavorful oregano around, according to this website. It really does have a strong, delicious smell.

Rosemary (rosmarinus officinalis)
The garden stores sell lots of varieties of rosemary, including some topiaries. Here's a picture of mine.

I'm up to eleven:
1. Poison ivy
2. Virginia creeper
3. Wild blackberry
4. Lamb's Ear
5. Great laurel
6. Fireworks Goldenrod
7. Orange Jewelweed
8. Blue Anise Sage
9. Sage
10. Greek oregano
11. Rosemary

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