Thursday, August 23, 2007

Soup of the Day

We're studying alliteration this month. Today we read a funny poem by Jack Prelutsky, "Gloppe's Soup Shoppe". Gladiola Gloppe's menu includes soups such as Salamander Salmon Slug, Bat Begonia Barley Bug, and Rutabaga Bacon Barracuda Bran. Mary was pretty grossed out by some of Gloppe's offerings, so she made up her own soups. Here's the menu at Marvelous Mary's Soup Shop:
Monday: Marvelous Mango
Tuesday: Tasty Turkey Tomato
Wednesday: Weight Watchers' Special
Thursday: We're closed on Thursdays (because we couldn't think of any foods that start with TH)
Friday: Fantastick Fish Fins (she spelled it that way because it's sticky soup)
Saturday: Sweet and Savory Soup
Sunday: Sour and Savory Soup
If you come on a day off from your work, you get Day Off Devour

Can anybody help us with a soup for Thursday?

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