Friday, July 13, 2007

What will we do for the rest of the year?

Mary finished watching this year's Spanish DVDs today. Then, tonight, she found an eency weency spider in the bathroom and she and Scott wanted to look at it more closely, but couldn't find a magnifying glass. (There were three of them in the pantry just a few days ago, but they've all disappeared.) So, of course, I announced, "I've got a great magnifier!" and pulled out the science box. We popped batteries into the two pocket microscopes, and they looked at the spider, my hair, the gold sparkles in our vintage-1962 kitchen counter, a chocolate milk spot on the floor, dots in a printed travel brochure, yarn, and the couch fabric. That kit was supposed to last fourteen weeks, and just about all we have left to look at is crystals and sea monkeys!

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